Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Damn Those Birds!

Feeling flu-ish so I'm taking it easy and writing from bed and doing the occasional small post for the next couple of days. Sleep is the order of the day and night.

In the meantime, take a moment and tell us all what your plans are for 2006.


Jeff O'Brien said...

Be involved in The Abducted from casting through cutting. It's my film school.

Visit people I previously only have known or worked with online. Network in person. That means a stop in LA on my way to Mexico for a long overdue holiday.

Brag more and berate less - the self-effacing schtick isn't fooling anyone. I really AM that damn good.

Stop watching my cacti breed when I should be writing.

Sell my place if the market goes up and I can carry over my next to nothing mortgage rate.

Buy a couch.

Be nice to people.

Grubber said...

Hope its a quick recuperation Bill.

Rob Richard said...

- Start actually posting on some of the blogs I've been reading for months.

- Graduate from university with a degree I'll never actually make use of.

- Incorporate a production company in my home town.

- Shoot an overly ambitious short film I've written.

- Start cobbling together financing for a feature project.

or, alternately, crash and burn. Time will tell.

John Donald Carlucci said...

Feel better man.


mcdolph said...


Aric Blue said...

Get better! I'm startin' to feel sick myself.

Anyway, since LGF was interested in a sequel to FOC we'll be shooting FOC2 in May and I'm thinking about shooting a second movie also, so I'll be able to put on 2 finished movies in 2007.

Want to make it to San Diego Comic-con this year--it's the only big comic-con I've never been to.

And I'd like to get more sleep in 2006. That's a priority.