Saturday, February 19, 2005

Anchor Bay Ads

Woke up this morning to the sounds of talk radio. Where Howard Stern usually filled my ears, I suddenly heard the sounds of a commercial for THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO DVD box set.

Sounds like Anchor Bay is investing a lot in this set. Which is a good thing because the indies need to compete with the studios every which way they can, and if radio helps, it helps. It's good thinking. The kind of thinking that says, "How can I maximize the value of an asset? Or, how can we do something new?"

This is the first time I've heard an indie DVD commercial. If the studios did this sort of marketing properly, they'd be unstoppable. But let's face the fact they can never decide on anything. They change their minds because they're worried about making a decision and sticking to it. So let's just let them go their merry way, and throw money at their problems shall we? We know they're not going to do anything "new".

Let the indies lead the way with more web presence, phone broadcasts, radio, etc...

It's a small industry, but it makes a lot of money...

if it can think outside the box. Or think across the airwaves. Or just think independently.

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