Thursday, March 17, 2005

All Hail the Hedgehog!

My friend, writer-producer Peter Soby Jr. (TAIL STING, CARNIVAL OF SOULS) has just released another piece of D2DVD brilliance.

Yes, I'm talking about: BEING RON JEREMY.

From Peter himself, here's the scoop:

"A movie I produced called "Being Ron Jeremy" was officially released on DVD in stores across America yesterday, Tuesday March 15th! It probably goes without saying, but the movie is a parody of “Being John Malkovich” with a porn star twist.

The movie also features Andy Dick in the Charlie Sheen role (what’s wrong with that sentence??!) There’s lot’s of fun extras. For those of you in LA, Ron and cast members along with the filmmakers (including myself), will be at an in store appearance this Saturday, March 19th at the Tower Sunset Video store from 3 – 5 pm! Come on by!"


Here's a link:

Go down to your local videostore and buy this DVD. Get yourself a piece of "The Hedgehog" ladies and gents before its too late!

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