Thursday, March 31, 2005

He's Baaaack!

From my pals at Video Business:

New Concorde has a total of about 150 unreleased titles in its 450-title library.Although the company could "in the very near future" add newly produced releases such as ones currently being done for the Sci Fi Channel, for now it's focusing on its trove of unreleased existing fare, Moreno said. >

150 movies that are unreleased is a lot of product. This is a very tricky time and Corman as to be very careful as to how he does this. Indie distributors are having a tough time right now competing for shelf space with the blockbuster studio titles.

But it is good to see the guy who gave us all the exploitation classics back in the saddle.

Wonder if they'll need any scripts?


Jeff O'Brien said...
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Jeff O'Brien said...

A script for Corman is one of those items on my checklist that I would do for free. A script for a certain director, actor or genre that I just have to have before I die.