Saturday, March 19, 2005

Let's Talk Pulp Fiction

No - not the movie by QT. I'm talking about the fast, lurid fiction printed on cheap paper between colorful covers that promised so much.

But when everyone thinks of pulp they think of hard-boiled gangsters with guns blazing and all that crap. That's not all that pulp fiction was about...

Pulp encompassed all genres - from sci-fi to romance, from western to wall street - and did so in a style and method that went on for quite awhile fulfilling America's need for escape.

Escape. Entertainment. That's important.

Packing as much entertainment into it as possible.

Now I've said this before in different forums, but if you look at the D2DVD films of today, they are our "pulp fiction". Fast, lurid, manufactured very quickly and cheaply and sandwiched in a case with a cover that promises so much...

D2DVD isn't "B-Movies" (which don't exist anymore - when's the last time you went to a double feature?) - it's pulp.

I couldn't be happier about that. Why?

That means that I get to write and produce westerns, sci-fi, fantasy, romance...

(Hey! I can be romantic. What?! NO exploding heads? What are you - nuts?! How can you have a romance without an exploding head?)

...horror, action, mystery, adventure -- the whole spectrum of genres. I am not limited.

(Just as long as I do it within the budget and can pack as much entertainment into it as possible. Enough so that the viewer feels he got his money's worth)

Do other screenwriters get that amount of freedom in the studio system? Maybe...but the argument could be made against it.

I like freedom.

Stay tuned.

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John Oak Dalton said...

GREAT descriptive of the scene!