Friday, March 04, 2005

Writer at Large

Finishing up the polish on a new creature feature I'm forbidden to speak of as yet. Fun and a bit of a lark for me. But, as always the low-budget rules apply:

- 95 pages or less
- several main characters and some extras
- static SFX (CGI) and multitudes of blood
- nudity, the cheapest special effect
- one primary location (60 pages worth)with three others (10 pages each)
- appealing to a young crowd (like the one that watches the O.C.)

I'm going to have to sit down one of thes days and rework a low budget idea
to break all of these rules. Smash them completely and still have a pulpy good horror movie (not film, movie - no pretensions here).

In other news:

My short story "Cadavre Exquis" (Exquisite Corpse)is in the new anthology from Black Coat Press's TALES OF THE SHADOWMEN: THE MODERN BABYLON. The books are edited by Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier who have many credits in TV and comics and have just moved back to France. Look at for more details. They are geat people who are reviving the grand pulp traditions of Europe with a whole new slew of writers and artists.

My story deals with the pulp character, Fascinax, who is sort of Daredevil combined with Dr. Strange and Sherlock Holmes. He has extraordinary senses which he uses to fight crime, although he is trained as a healer. He was the only character that no one else was touching, so I thought I would take the underdog position and see what I could do. If I screwed up - oh well! If I gave the character some life outside his pulp roots - my job is done. We shall see.

Also have some interest from an outfit in financing a werewolf movie I wrote awhile back. Need to attach talent to the project to get the ball rolling again. More phone calls to agents (of the devil) and managers (of chaos).

Stay tuned...

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