Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Something Old Something New

Working on something for Roy Thomas's ALTER EGO magazine. Can't go into detail, but it combines my love of comics and movies.

Like you expected something else from me?

Also going to be adding a few links and pics to the blog now that I've half figured out how "Hello" works. I'm a design freak, and the blog needs some pulpy style. I've been itching to add that 30's and 40's sinister flavor to it.

I'm a little pissed at myself as I haven't completed my first draft of THE SKULL yet. I've been busy with a few clients who needed some PR work done. Also been chasing down some production work and live events. For a writer, those are good gigs to land as they don't take long and they pay well.

BUT - I need to get back on the pulp writing train and write.

Someone asked me if I got a gig writing the next sequel to THE SKULLS (which is on SKULLS 3, but is actually the same movie remade twice). That's exactly what I didn't want to have happen - equating THE SKULL with THE SKULLS. Two totally different heads.

Have a couple of projects making the rounds at the studios and production companies. Received some really good feedback, and some really, "they didn't read the script at all" sort of feedback.

Stay tuned...


Dave Fogerson said...

Came across your blog from a post to an aspiring screenwriter's board. I've been enjoying your posts.

Two of the projects I'm working on seem like perfect candidates for the d2dvd market. How about posting some info on who in the d2dvd market accepts unsolicited queries?

Bill Cunningham said...

Okay - like I need the competition! If something comes my way, I'll tell you about it BUT I AM NOT GOING TO DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU.

You want to get in the business you have to be willing to go out there and dig deep. My blog will help you when you find the right companies by preparing you for what they are expecting. We live in an "Online Age" - go out and put those search engines to good use.

Anyhow, right now, Creative Screenwriting weekly - the online edition is running profiles of companies accepting unsolicited queries. One new company a week.

Go online and sign up. Tell them this pulp writer sent you.