Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hot as Hell

LA is a pit of hell itself this weekend as the temp has risen to blood boiling level. The good thing about that is the women are dressing for the heat and we're beginning to see the flesh the southland is famous for. Thanks, God!

Packing boxes and making plans for the big move to the new HQ next week. Didn't realize that I had so many books and whatnot (meaning: crap!). Very heavy and I really don't relish the move other than to get into a place I can really relax in and get some work done.

Speaking of work - I've been hired to rewrite a horror script for a production company. Something right up my alley as they liked my notes on the project and hired me with a minimum of muss and fuss. I'll keep you informed as much as possible, but I don't know if I'm able to talk about it yet. I'm also still waiting to tell you the name of that creature-feature I wrote back in January.

As part of the regular housekeeping, my business partner and I have been going through our library of scripts we have options on and/or own outright. We've been developing a lot of material into pitches and two page treatments. The goal is to get a lot of stuff out there and in as many hands as possible at a variety of budget levels. We want to lock in work for the next two years. That may include a trip to Romania to shoot something.

Some of this material may end up as comics or pulps as well as screenplays. That will be cool as the only "Big Two" comic credit I have is Adventure Comics #488. I have some indie stuff out there, but no clue as to whether the guys got it together to publish or not...

Still working on the Fascinax outline and haven't cracked the story yet. It has a beginning and a middle, but no end - at least not one which is satisfying to me. I do know that it's going to be dark with Fascinax tasked to kill the woman he loves because of circumstances from my first story Cadavres Exquis. I think I need to talk this one out with some folks to nail it. If you haven't read the first story then go to and order Tales of the Shadowmen: The Modern Babylon today!

Stay tuned...

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