Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Nothing much has been happening post-SKULL. Working with a PR client on a top secret project. I'm up for some rewrite work that I'll hear about soon.

I'm just taking it semi-easy and trying to shake out all of my preconceived notions about SKULL before I read it again. I want it ugly fresh - like a newborn all bloody and screaming and needing air and warmth - before I go in and rip its guts out and divine its secrets. I know it has secrets, its just not telling them to me yet. But I vill make it talk, yes I vill.

I was also reading Alex Epstein's blog, COMPLICATIONS ENSUE, and he noted a new screenwriting site: http://www.imsdb.com which is another access portal for everyone to read produced scripts. No excuses not to do your homework. You can read them right online and it's all free. A coach once told me that you won't get better unless you go up against the best and test yourself. Same goes for screenwriting, so READ, READ, READ. In fact, as much as you write - you should double that time for reading.

It's DRAC MONTH over at GROOVY AGE OF HORROR so go over there right now and have a look-see. Tell Curt I sent you. He's running reviews of the Dracula Horror Series of paperbacks that I read as a kid. [ Boy I'm feeling old. Gonna have to get a girlfriend half my age to get the blood pumping again].

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