Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Okay everyone - your friendly neighborhood pulpster is back! Finally!

What went wrong ?

Well, moving in LA is a chore and especially if you are moving to an unfamiliar area to most people.

DSL took nearly 30 days to get back to us to tell us that we didn't have DSL service in this area of town. Now I'm on cable modem, and couldn't be happier. To all those at SBC/Pac Bell, I simply have this to say to you:


To those folks at Blogger who lost my site while moving servers ... you don't suck as bad, but there is a definite vacuum of quality there. I'm keeping my eye on you.

I will get back to the rest of you with details on what is happening with the Velvet Steamroller project, Items of interest in the DVD world, and general weirdness as it relates to my ever-changing pulp life.

And yes, there will be pictures!


Rock said...

Looking forward to it. And, yeah I'll be movin to LA on the 1st of July.

Anonymous said...

Bill --

Glad to have you back. And supposedly cable modem is faster anyway.


Carnacki said...

Welcome back Bill