Saturday, June 25, 2005

Your Saturday Morning Cup of Coffee

Just got up and thought I'd ramble a bit as the coffee pot brews down in the kitchen. I'm still getting used to the new place and its sounds despite having been here almost a month. I get up real early now (6am) because the house is telling me to. I go downstairs and make coffee then have a cup or five before my day officially starts.

I have approval on the outline for the script for Velvet Steamroller. If you haven't heard of these guys you will. Check them out at . All the notes that I've been given by these guys have been good, and illuminated some areas that I wasn't thinking about in the story (or at least wasn't apparent in the outline).

Yesterday I started on the opening scene of the script itself, and it's good (if I do say so myself). It's a little different style of writing for me which is what I wanted - got to expand the skillset ya know? Unfortunately I can't talk too much about it, but suffice it to say if I succeed with this one then you'll see and hear a whole new kind of creature feature.

Also getting back to surfing the links (see right) and becoming familiar with the blog world again.
Interesting stuff has been going on over at Kung Fu Monkey, Groovy Age of Horror, Complications Ensue, Warren Ellis, and of course Retromedia Forum. Be sure to check those out, and tell them I sent you.

However expect light posting from me for the next three weeks as I work to finish this script. I'll post some pics, and do some posting of stuff that I have archived, but no major 'back and forth'. I want to clean up the site (again) thanks to the pulpsters out there who emailed me how, and expand some of its links. New house, new blog.

Okay, coffee's done...


Rock said...

Best of luck with the next three weeks of writing. Look forward to hearing more from you soon.

Bill Cunningham said...

Thanks, Rock. Contact me when you get to town.

Vampos Vulgar said...

Hello, fellow blogger.

A moment of your time. Any idea what this is?

I appear to have peaked at number 39, right under you at 26.

Blogshares? Doth some agent of commerce profit from our mental labour? Well, doth they?

CEO & Queso Grande, Bangladoink!

(Your window view is purty.)

Bill Cunningham said...

Just someone with too much frickin' time on their hands...

Anonymous said...

Bill --

So the Velvet Steamroller...where does Percy Sledge fit into the picture? It's a strange site, hard to get a handle on what hat they're wearing. Dying to know more. Something tells me there's a interesting story or two you could share if you had the time.


Bill Cunningham said...

VS does what interests them. That's the hat they're wearing - the independent one.