Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Just turned in my first draft of the Velvet Steamroller script: THE SOUND!

It always feels good to finish a script and turn it in - this one is no different as I really had a blast with it toward the end. The first act was a bear - but it actually picked up in the second act and ran like a sprinter through the third.

95 pages of a rollercoaster ride.

All this is just my opinion of course, I have to get the notes from the Director. I could be totally wrong (it's happened before).

What really makes this special though is that my business partner gave me a reward for finishing - a "Mikey" bobblehead from AMERICAN CHOPPER. Rewarding yourself for finishing is required if you want to really reinforce good writing habits. I usually buy myself a book or DVD set that I've been looking at, but on the fence about buying because of the expense.

Example: They want $70.00 for the LA FEMME NIKITA SECOND SEASON SET or $85.00 for the TOMORROW PEOPLE set.

Okay, maybe after I finish the rewrite on THE SKULL...


John Donald Carlucci said...

Gratz on the completing the work!


John Oak Dalton said...

Buy Tomorrow People.


Bill Cunningham said...

Re: Tomorrow People --

I'm trying to hunt it down at Amoeba and get it about 30% off...