Friday, July 01, 2005

DVD Owns Your Ass...

I haven't had my coffee yet this morning, so as anyone who knows me will tell you - I AM an asshole until I have two cups. God help the woman I marry as she will be shackled to a hulk with severe caffeine induced headaches when he gets up in the morning. For some reason I put the coffee off and went web surfing this morning just to get an idea if there was anything new... no, there's not.

There's still assholes on the web spinning lies and general misinformation in order to feather their own nest. Just let me be clear to all of you who want to be in this industry - learn your film history - it will come back to haunt you. There are just enough assholes like me that will call you on your bullshit (Just as I expect you guys to call me on my mine).

I pulled this from 's "Comic Reel" section for today and their discussion about the new CROW movie. See for the full story. See below:


A female undead avenger? One of African descent? That's what producer Jeff Most talked to
Moviehole about. "I think it will boil down to what fans think of this film," said Most. "Just because this one went direct to video, doesn't mean the next one has too -- case in point, Dimension's 'Halloween H20.' The three sequels before that went straight to video, and then 'H20' did 140 million dollars worldwide or something. It really becomes a matter of studios supporting the film. We've talked about a female Crow -- that's something we've wanted, and have talked for a great deal of time about. We've talked about an African American Crow, we've talked about setting 'The Crow' not just in America, but also outside of America -- there's obviously many, many ways to go. I think The Crow concept is one that's very vital, very strong, and very heartfelt -- the notion of poetic justice, putting things right. I don't think there's a need to limit us from a fifth 'Crow,' I'd really like to see the franchise continue, but really, it's up to the fans."

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the latest jackass who's trying to hang onto his job - MR. JEFF MOST.
HALLOWEEN 4 - was released to 1,679 screens - not direct to video.
HALLOWEEN 5 - was released to 1,483 screens - not direct to video.
HALLOWEEN : CURSE OF MICHAEL MYERS - was again released to 1,679 screens.
There is a huge difference between the HALLOWEEN franchise and the CROW franchise. The Halloween franchise (at least according to has always had a theatrical release. The same cannot be said for the bird. That's why Dimension picked up the Halloween rights - they knew they had a winner on their hands - a small theatrical release which led to great DVD numbers.
The reviews on the Crow: Salvation movie are already in and they haven't been kind. Most is trying to save his job, by placing blame elsewhere (i.e. lack of support from a studio). To achieve that end he lies about the Halloween movies in order to make his movie seem to be a passenger in the same boat. "Oh, the next one could be good - don't mind the fact that it debuted on DVD."
Now why am I so pissed about this? Beyond lack of coffee? I am pissed because someone is going to read that interview and think what he's saying is true. That the latest in the Crow franchise is a victim because it debuted on DVD. I am pissed because Most, while wearing the producer's hat - doesn't want to take the heat when he fails. The really sad thing is that he surrounds his lie with the truth - making it seem all the more real. He says it with such conviction that the reader believes it.
But I'm really pissed because he, like other producers, think that the DVD market is some sort of ghetto where "those movies" debut. Well guess what?
DVD owns your ass.
You wouldn't be able to MAKE your movies if it weren't for DVD. A studio home entertainment executive sits in on those meetings and gives facts and figures projecting just what a title can do in the marketplace. If the DVD numbers are too low, you go to the "reject" pile.
DVD owns your ass.
Audiences in the USA spend TWICE the amount of money on home entertainment than they do at the movies. Think about those huge movies that made $100M at the box office. Then understand that the DVD numbers for that title are near twice that.
DVD owns your ass. It's in control of the entertainment industry.
Until it finds out that videogames own all our asses...
Addendum: There are more movies that premiere on DVD than there are movies that make it into theaters. Period. There are far less expenses related to a DVD release than there are a theatrical release. The Return On Investment (ROI) is much greater. All that means is that there are more opportunities to get your movie out into the marketplace and make a profit with it. Why do you think Steven Seagal and JC Van Damme still make movies? Because their DVD Premieres make money for the distributor releasing them...


Aric Blue said...

Yeah, it pisses me off too, the whole stigma attached to Direct-to-dvd movies. When my first movie got distributed everyone's first question was "Is it going to be in theaters?"

I'd say no, mumble some of the reasons why it wasn't, and then slink off as they gave me that look.

I figured maybe the years have taught people better, but now that my second is about to get picked up by a pretty major distributor(rhymes with Lion's Fate :) it's STILL the first question I get.

"When's it coming out at the movies?" My response is followed by their disappointed, your-movie-must-suck "Oh."

John Donald Carlucci said...

I'm amazed at friends of mine who say they would turn down D2DVD to keep focused on theater release. I'd be more that happy to get in anywhere myself, but I guess I just want to write. Almost as annoying as out-of-work actor friends who would never think of doing commercial work. James Earl Jones does commercial work. Work is work.


Bill Cunningham said...

Aric - the next time someone asks you that question you give them one good kick in the balls from me. If it's a girl then ovaries. And don't mumble - you're part of the industry that's saving the theatrical biz. Theatrical should be down on their knees to DVD - we saved their asses and now theatrical releases are just advertising for the DVD release.

Also, Gary Scott Thompson wrote those K9 movies, then wrote FAST AND THE FURIOUS AND THEN went back and wrote TIMECOP 2 - a DVD Premiere. He already broke a theatrical sale, but went where the work was - or where he thought he could have fun. Same goes for the SWAT guys.

D2DVD is NOT a ghetto.