Monday, September 19, 2005

The Critics Weigh In

So, we're all watching the new shows for this fall season and wondering:

"Will this show be on next week?"

To help you answer that question, I'm going to recap what the critics of over eleven newspapers and magazines have to say overall about the fall's new shows that have been seen thus far. This is straight from Variety.

PRISON BREAK - 9 pro. 2 con. [prediction: Hit]
REUNION - 5 pro, 2 con, 4 mixed. [prediction:On the fence but will run 13 episodes]
THE WAR AT HOME - 7 con, 3 mixed, 1 pro. [prediction: Outta here]
BONES - 5 pro, 5 mixed, 1 con. [prediction: On the fence but will run a full season]
SUPERNATURAL - 6 pro, 2 con, 3 mixed. [prediction: Will run a full season]
HEAD CASES - 6 con, 3 pro, 2 mixed. [prediction: Dead in the water]

Anyone have a differing opinion?


John Donald Carlucci said...

I've already commented on why I liked Supernatural on my site, but I don't have any real desire to watch the others you have listed.

I've already plotted the spec I am writing based on the show.


CD said...

There's too much good TV on. Truly.

F/X has had a real good slate of shows this summer. Showtime has a great show called Weeds.

It's too much.

Anyway, got a chance to see ten minutes of Surface tonight. Certainly intriguing. It'll be interesting to see how many (if any) of the Lost-styled shows find an audience. I remember a lot of supernatural-type shows starting up around the time The X-Files was so hot and I can't think of one them that really stuck.

I'm always amazed -- and I shouldn't be -- that the networks chase trends. The next hit show isn't going to be a Lost-clone. It just isn't.

That said, I'm looking forward to Threshold or Invasion -- whatever it is that's following Lost on Wednesday nights.

Regarding Prison Break: it's ridiculous but fun.


John said...

Certainly not about The War at Home. If there were a tiny black button I could push, and everyone on that show would just burst into flame and die screaming, and no one, no one, would ever know what I had done, so help me God, I would push that button.

Twice, to be certain.

That said, situation comedy is hard, and they're producing material and getting it on the air, so God bless them...