Sunday, September 04, 2005

Edgar Stiles Rocks!

In a very smart programming move, influenced by the upcoming DVD release, A&E Network is broadcasting 24 in a 24-hour marathon broadcast.

So far this season:

1. Fox added a preview to the 3rd season DVD set, setting up the premise for this 4th season.
2. Fox also created additional content (Behind-the-Scenes) for streaming on the 24 website.
3. They broadcast the 4th season on Fox.
4. And instead of rerunning the program on Fox, they license it to A&E who maximize the value of thepurchase by running it as a marathon - the way people who buy the DVD set will be watching it.
5. Next, they will release the season 4 set with more content (commentaries, production diaries, etc...) and a preview of the upcoming season.

This is how DVD has influenced our viewing, and their programming habits.

Stay tuned. More influences will be felt across other media.

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