Sunday, September 18, 2005

More Pulp for Your Pleasure!

I made some additions this morning. These are all sites where you'll get a healthy dose of pulp - the meaty, succulent part of this writing thing we do.

These additions include:

Dead Things on Sticks - Denis McGrath's blog on writing for Canadian TV amongst other things.
Bernie Dexter - because Bernie is Bernie. Nuff said.
Dial B for Blog - This is the fun stuff that infected my brain at an early age.
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing - Josh Friedman's hilarious adventures writing movies you can actually see in the theater (though with someone else's name on them).
The Artful Writer - Craig Mazin's blog with a great Q&A format. It answered several of my questions and I'm not even in the union (yet).
Fun Joel - because he has insightful (or is that inciteful?) comments from the perspective of a studio reader and columnist. Besides, he's fun.
John August - Tim Burton's "go to" guy. Writes big movies. Knows the craft. Read and learn.
Screenwriter Bones - Philip Morton is a working writer. Again: read and learn.
Ink Slinger - TV writer and novelist Paul Guyot. Great advice, no bullshit.
Assistant Atlas - you want to get your foot in the door in Hollywood? Be kind to the assistants. Learn what goes on in the office after they request your script.
Alligators in a Copter - perspective from a studio reader. Learn what's wrong with your (and my) scripts, and what we can do to fix them.
Internet Script Database - No excuses now not to read cool scripts. This combined with Bill Martell's script library gives you a wide range of budgeted scripts to learn from. When I reference something, you can go to it, understand it and discuss it.
The Engine - Warren Ellis' forum for discussing the comics that don't involve a mask and a cape. Lots of script and story discussion with pros, semi-pros and Do-it-yourselfers.
Posterwire - the site that dissects movie posters and design both past and present. This will be helpful in the future when we discuss DVD casewrap artwork.
Atomic Pulp - the site for writer Christopher Mills. Loved the name. Like the site even more.

These sites are all deserving of our regular attention, and form a "faculty" of sorts for learning how to get into this business, improve your craft, and stay in this business for the long term.

I will be adding more links as the need arises (for discussions and projects I have boiling in my cranium).


CD said...

Bill --

thanks for all the great links and let me pile on reccomending Josh Friedman's I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing. It's hilarious and there's maybe a total of 10 - 12 posts there. I'd like to believe that Josh spends a lot of time crafting and editing his posts but I think he may just be a talented bastard.


DMc said...

Bill, thanks for the shout out. Josh Friedman is my new lodestar.

Bill Cunningham said...

Yeah, I think he's an all you can eat shrimp dinner myself...