Monday, October 17, 2005

Is it Me?

-- or did the Pate Bros. take E.T. , CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND and JAWS; throw them in a blender and come up with SURFACE?

-- or does it make no sense to rebuild inferior homes in New Orleans when the levees haven't been repaired, the ground is inundated with all sorts of bacteria, viruses and waste, and there are no plans yet to realign the streets, power lines, sewer systems and any other public utilities so that this doesn't happen again?

-- or does it make no sense that pilots of TV programs aren't available for download from the source studios' websites so that we can vote on which shows we'd like to see? Shows like GLOBAL FREQUENCY or LA CONFIDENTIAL?

-- or is it about time Lions Gate got off their ass and remastered the Republic serials so that we can have the kind of DVDs these masterpieces deserve? They have a whole library of superhero titles in their vault just sitting there gathering dust.

-- or isn't it about time we started waging an economic battle in Iraq? Teaching people to cure hunger and disease and homelessness and you win over hearts and establish independence. Business over bullets?

-- or was LA looooong overdue for the good shower we had today?

-- or have comic books become way too expensive? So expensive that every time you look at the cover of a book, you wonder if you're going to get your money's worth?

-- or does the theme of MEDIUM sound like a Hitchcock movie theme?


s.warren said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with the comic book thing. I was in the habit of buying most of the IDW and Dark Horse horror titles and a few scant super hero books. I started weening myself off the habit, before finally stopping a few months ago. I just realized how much of my budget they were eating up. It was too much spent, for too little reward.

Bill Cunningham said...

CD - I'm talking all pilots, not just the ones that didn't make it. Imagine voting for shows you want to watch more episodes of...

mcdolph said...

voting on what pilots we want to watch. that's a fucking great idea! that's an idea which should be spread as far and wide as possible, the quality of tv we get could only increase if that was how they did it.