Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Warner Bros. Has Case of Blu...

Warner Bros. announced today it is embracing the new Blu-ray format of high-def DVD.

This leaves Universal the only studio to ally with the Toshiba HD format (at present).

The only profession not from in this format war are the replicators who must retool and replace current equipment in order to accept the Blu-ray format. Announcements have not been officially made regarding pricing of the new format and the cost to the consumer.

I'm not paying $500 for a new DVD player only to have to add a $35.00 disc in order to play it. If this is the scenario then that disc better be jam-packed with every bell and whistle the DVD authoring house can muster. At this kind of pricing, consumers will want more bang for the buck and will not accept inferior discs released quickly with a follow up director's cut.

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John Donald Carlucci said...

You mean like Batman Begins? It's lucky we got scene selection with it. Listing Special Features and including the trailer is a little jerkwad.