Monday, November 28, 2005

Marvel Moves to D2DVD

Marvel Entertainment is being honored by the home entertainment industry in this week's issue of Video Business.

The software for the digital magazine allows you to flip the pages from the upper right hand corner. Take a look at their first animated premiere DVD, Ultimate Avengers due out in February, 2006.

There's also a nice article regarding Universal's plans for more D2DVD franchise movies.


John Donald Carlucci said...

I'm disappointed that the Marvel outing will be the Ultimate Avengers and not the classic. I liked the Ultimates better when they were The Authority.


Christian Johnson said...

From what Joe Q said at ComicCon this year the Ultimates versions are the mass market versions. It is the raisson d'etre for Ultimate versions of titles.

Take FF for example, it was the Ultimate version and not the classic. etc.

John Donald Carlucci said...

Yeah, well Joe Q and I parted ways along time ago when I stopped buying Marvel titles (I pick up young Avengers every once in a while). I was a spidey and xmen buyer for more years than I can say. I stopped with Joss Whedon's Xmen when he COMPLETELY mischaracterized xavier and his crappy living dangerroom. "My xmen must be trained" is the reason he enslaved a sentient being.

The stupid way they incorporated organic webshooters into Spider-man was awful - he turned into a spider again?

It is repulsive that Joe Q can't even get his damn book out on time. The Kevin Smith situation should never have been allowed to happen. Giving free reign to JMS just sent his stories off to crap land. Sider-man became a mystical hero how dealt more with mystical events. Just write damn Dr. Strange then.

I'm a DC man for the time being.


Jeff O'Brien said...

Dalek porn- what else is there to say?

John Donald Carlucci said...

You bastard!