Sunday, December 18, 2005

End of Year Recap


As I do every year, I've pulled a lot of the old check stubs and invoices in an effort to gauge how the old career is going. There's some quantifiable data here, but there's a lot of stuff that while not paying me an immediate check, paid off handsomely, and will continue to do so.

45% of my income for the year was from screen/scriptwriting. That includes: The Creature Movie Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken, The Sound, 2005 DVDX Awards and the 2005 Video Hall Of Fame Awards...

40% of my income this year has come from public relations. This includes work for: PMG, The Los Angeles Times, Fabrication Films, Anthem Pictures, Candy Clothing, Rhino, A filmmaker whose name shall never be spoken in this office again unless there is a curse attached to it, Push Worldwide, Rookie Babe and several other clients...

5% of my income came from marketing - DVD artwork, advertsing consultation, packaging, screenings, etc...

10% of my income came from producing. I got a small check from an option agreement I set up.

Now, the non-quantifiable stuff:

I went to see my folks and family in SC. I remember why I left, and why I'll still call it home.

I went to see my college friends at my 20 year reunion. I'm still getting emails from that.

I wrote a spec first draft and rewrite of The Skull.

I pitched to five new companies that I haven't pitched before. Some of those projects were theatrical features.

I rewrote both The Knightmare and Wolfsbane.

I moved into a new duplex, changing location after seven years of being right in Hollywood.

I am looking for a manager, but more importantly I have other industry people looking for me as well. Referrals are very important.

I outlined a 12 part comic book anthology.

I wrote two short stories and both were accepted for Tales of the Shadowmen 1, 2.

I have a German director who asked me to write something for him; a story that I am breaking now and hope to finish before the year ends.

I have outlined a TV idea that when brought to fruition will be ground-breaking.
(Aren't they all?)

(Side note to Denis: Did a revise on the idea/concept. I think it will work as a co-production, or at least tickle some purse strings. Also, now more topical)

My draft of The Sound is being shown around town with a theatrical production budget attached. I'm becoming the guy who can write larger budgeted shows.

I wrote a pitch document for an entertainment news show.

Oh yeah, I started this blog and was able to correspond with all sorts of people - colleagues, beginners, companies - on a variety of subjects related to my work. The blog has unburdened me, enlightened me, boldened me and allowed me to network in ways I didn't think possible.

It's been a good year.


Fun Joel said...

Congrats on the progress, and best of luck moving forward!

Bill Cunningham said...

Thanks, Joel!

You're "Hell on Wheels!"

Simon Jowett said...

The blog has unburdened me, enlightened me, boldened me and allowed me to network in ways I didn't think possible.
How so? I ask as an animation scriptwriter and funnybook ex-offender who has finally put up a web-page and is wondering if a blog would a useful next move.
Hope '06 is even better!

Jeff O'Brien said...

I think you have earned some more time lying in bed sick Bill - I'm awed.

Bill Cunningham said...

This from the guy who had two movies go into release: INSECTICIDAL and ALIEN INCURSION.

Not to mention going forward with a bunch of specs, one of which I haven't read yet, though I promised to...

Steve Peterson said...

Congrats, Bill! Best of luck.

Bill Cunningham said...

Well Simon, It has allowed me to meet you hasn't it? With a blog it's easier for people to find me, and vice versa. We now know each other exists...

Having a blog has allowed me to road-test a few ideas, expound on some theories, and add someone else's techniques into my battle arsenal.

Having a blog has allowed me to speak, get it off my mind, and allowed me to go back to working.
It's forced me to think of my own rules and processes for doing this thing...

Aric Blue said...

Congrats! Hope the New Year's even better!

Gilman said...

You're a busy man. I have no idea how my career is going, but I do know that 99% of my income this year was from screenwriting. Just don't ask me to translate that into actual dollars. Here's to 2006!

Chris Soth said...

Impressive work, impressive year -- and it's only groundwork for '06!