Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Happy Saturnalia!

Yes, it's that time between the Christmas holidays and the New Year, that the ancient Romans called "Saturnalia." It's the breathing room before the new year. I have taken some time off and not done much in the way of writing in order to re-charge my batteries. I hope everyone is having a restful Holiday.

Silent Bob is blissfully lying at my feet awaiting the time when he can go back home. I'd like to think he will miss my feet when he goes back to his owners. Even when I'm not at the desk he finds a way to sneak under either my or Roy's desk to sleep. We've broken him - he's now a "writer's dog."

This is also the time of the year to clear out the files and toss the things that need tossing - old magazines, papers, clothes for Goodwill, clippings, etc...

It's all so that we can start fresh for the new year and hit the ground writing. Some of it is catch up work, some of it is plowing new ground. I like to plan what the heck I'm doing long before I do it. It keeps me disciplined.

These long term goals will be broken down into more manageable monthly, then weekly units. Daily if I can take it that far. That way it doesn't seem so daunting. In 2005, I met 70% of my goals because I broke them down into units that I looked at and said, "Oh, I can do that." This year I plan to do better.

So what's on tap ? (aka My Goals for the Year)

1. Overall:

Increase income
Build the "Bill Cunningham" brand of writing & producing
Generate more awareness of my work at a studio level
Read, write, learn.

2. Material already written:

-Sell Wolfsbane. (Script ready to go to talent, production co's. Goal: Feb have talent)
-Send out Knightmare (Script near ready to send out. Goal: March)
-Set up B.E.M. (Treatment at production company. Set up as comic with artist attached? Goal: By end of year)
-Set up A.R.M.O.R. ( Treatment ready)

3. Production work to push forward:

-Last Horror Picture Show. (Goal: Feb/March have greenlight)
-Untitled Sci-Fi DVD Premiere Sequel by other writer (Goal: Answer by April. Needs rewrite)
- Creature Feature DVD Premiere (Goal: By end of year)
- Attach myself as producer to two screenplays/projects by other writers
- The Sound (not much to do since I'm not a producer on it, but whatever I can do I should do. This one has theatrical potential, which will be a big plus)

4. New material to generate:

-Thriller for Germany. (Treatment phase now)
-TV series proposal (In progress. Investigate rights for two series as well)
-Rewrite Skull (Goal: Have ready by July)
-Rewrite Patchwork ( Page one rewrite. Goal: By September. Investigate comic book option)
-Another short story for Black Coat Press (Idea already written. Goal: By July / August)

5. Networking:

-Attend more DVD Academy functions
-Attend 2006 Screenwriter Expo
-Organize and attend more local Scribosphere events (quarterly)
-Attend American Film Market
-Attend Comic Con
-Generate more referrals for people (You only get what you give)
-Contact and develop relationships with people who are higher up the chain (That's the only way I'm going to move up)
-Get an Agent and/or Manager (Goal: By July. Use Knightmare as sample)
-Find and contact people/companies I've lost touch with, and find out what they are doing
- Revise the look and links of this blog to make it more professional. Initiate rss links, google ads, etc... to build a wider audience

So these are my career oriented goals. I'm writing them down so I can a) stick to them, b) so that I am reminded of them and c) so that I can break these down into mangeable units so I don't feel worn out and overworked. Next time I'll show you how I do that.

Edit: In case it comes up, I'm not saying that my goals outlined here should be your goals. I'm simply saying that in order to be productive, you need to set and meet your goals.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Aggressive goals. My kind of list!

Aric Blue said...

I think I can safely say that we are all trying to do your #1:

Make Bill Cunningham more money.

I've got a great way too. See, there's this list of five names, and what you do is put your name at the top of the list, then sound out letters to each person on the list...


Bill Cunningham said...

Wait 'til I install the PayPal button. I am sure your pennies will come flooding in...

CD said...

Bill --

Got to say I'm curious about a couple of those projects based on title alone: Wolfsbane and Knightmare.

Also A.R.M.O.R. -- which reminds me of a book you might enjoy also called Armor. It's by John Steakley who wrote Vamp$res which became John Carpenter's Vampires -- which I enjoyed bigtime even if was a little uneven.

It's surprising to me Bill that you don't have a manager. You seem real busy -- which is exactly the kind of client managers want (I would think anyway). Is it just harder for people working the D2DVD market to land representation?

You've got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline. Can't wait to see what happens.


Bill Cunningham said...

If you're working strictly for the indie/D2DVD market there isn't enough money there for a manager to take a percentage. It's strictly for the credits, experience and contacts.

I am pursuing an agent/management now because the time is right:

1. I have a body of credits/experience/contacts that will help push me to another level. Something I didn't have before, and which hurt me in meetings.

2. I have several specs/ treatments/pitches ready to go.

3. The assignments I've done are moving forward. It's a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on that -getting meetings, sending out scripts, move me to another budget level, and to move me around into comics or other media. Things that I do want to pursue to build the brand.

That's what 2005 has been - prep for 2006 by building the stadium. Now's the time to build the team. THEN it's time to "play ball."

But first you have to, HAVE TO, have A BODY of work.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I thought it was make Bill Cunningham more honey. Damn it, this stuff is everywhere now!

I sit down tomorrow night to breakdown the next year. That was a very interesting article by guyot, very interesting indeed.


Scott the Reader said...
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