Thursday, January 12, 2006

Make DVDs Better

So there's a discussion over on Buzzscope about how do we make comics better? There was even a similar discussion over on the Kung Fu Monkey moderated by Boom Studios' Ross Ritchie.

I thought it might be interesting to turn the scope inward and discuss what we need to do to make DVDs better. I'm not talking about content. I'm talking about the formatting, packaging, distribution, pricing, etc...those things that we as consumers have a degree of control over. We are never going to be able to control content other than our own (and we don't want to), but we can make suggestions about the rest of it.

My first thought?

Get rid of these inferior discs that are released 3 months after a movie closes at the theater. If you're going to release a disc then a) make it the full boat one time out -- or -- b) allow us a coupon in the first disc released so we can get the definitive version for half price.

Examples that come to mind immediately are the Sin City discs. The one disc release cost $19.99, and then the two disc and book edition came out 4 months later for $35.00.

This sort of pricing and scheduling is going to get worse as HD discs and players hit the scene.

So what else besides coupons can we do to make DVDs better?

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Jason Sanders said...

Actually Bill, I dont mind the initial "bubblegum" releases, as it allows me to watch the movie sooner. What I DO hate is when they do a bunch of unannounced releases later on...

At least follow Lord of the RIngs, or Hellboy, or even Sin City in terms of releasing a secondary, more substantial, previously-announced edition. Peter jackson and Rodiguez let everybody know that they were working on special extended versions of their films. This allowed people who care about extras and stuff like that to hold off on the dvd buying, while casual dvd viewers and rental stores could buy their DVDs sooner.

People don't mind choices, but atleast let them know whats going to show up in a couple of months that will f*** with their current dvd so that it doesn't damage the special trust between consumers and corporations...

P.S. Lower the prices of the suckie dvds, I just saw in FutureShop the old SinCity Dvd selling for $32.99 while the special edition was selling for $35.99... (all Canadian prices) You can still see this on the Futureshop website.