Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Sign The Apocalypse Is Coming

SCI FI Channel and Stan Lee Looking for the Next Big Superhero.

SCI FI Channel is on a nationwide search for the first ever, true-life superhero!

Who Wants to be a Superhero is a new reality series by comic book creator, Stan Lee (Spider Man, ¨Hulk¨, "The Fantastic Four,¨ and X-Men¨) about people who have created their very own original Superhero. We are looking for people everywhere who have an original Superhero concept, with intense Superhero powers, a killer costume, and a mission to accomplish.

The reward is the best reality competition prize yet: IMMORTALITY!

The winning character will star in a brand new Stan Lee comic book series and also be featured in a new original Sci Fi Channel movie!!! Requirements to be considered for the show include:

A ten minute length tape of you, as yourself first, and then as your Superhero alter ego, preferably in full costume. The better and more creative your costume, the better chance you have of being cast on the show.

A completed application, to be emailed to you after you have contacted us.

If you have a wild, creative, original Superhero inside of you, please contact our FSA Entertainment Casting Department at (310) 360-6630 and ask about Who Wants to be a Superhero.

Job location is Anywhere USA

Compensation: $1400 + comic book + movie + immortality!!!


John Donald Carlucci said...

I can't believe he's still trying to push this crap. At least Dr. Who starts in March.

Have you watched Steamboy yet Bill? He seems like such a great pulp character with the scenes from future adventures playing over the credits.


Bill Cunningham said...

Nope, haven't seen that yet.

I'm watching Doctor Who...

Scott the Reader said...

So wait, if I come up with a great female superhero, I have to wear the costume?

That's not going to sell it.

Bill Cunningham said...

You're right, there.

Unless it's set in West Hollywood.