Thursday, February 02, 2006

Are You Being Served?

Steven Grant has a great Permanent Damage column in this week's Comic Book Resources.

Steven theorizes it's better for a comics company to find a niche and stick with that rather than expand for the sake of growth. It got me thinking about the DVD industry and what genres are out there, and more importantly - what isn't and could be.

Your thoughts? What are you missing from DVD?

It also got me thinking about the library of scripts I have which is rapidly aging. I need to get on the stick and finish up my rewrite of The Knightmare, rewrite The Skull and turn some of these pitches I have into actual scripts. I also have a bit of stuff to do for that thriller that I haven't quite cracked yet.

Re: treatments - I know I still have to do the final post on this subject, but I am loathe to put my ideas out there in a format where anyone can riff on them. I am going to post some links here soon of treatments which we can pick apart. This way we can both learn from our betters.

I have recently had some expert advice from several colleagues ( several writers, a manager, a development executive and two producers) on a pitch/treatment I've been developing and it has been enlightening to hear their notes on what goes (and what doesn't) into a treatment. I had my own set of experiences from the indie side, and they had theirs from the studio side. I think you'll enjoy it.

In related news:

Tomorrow is another Scribosphere get-together at 8pm at the Velvet Margarita Cantina in Hollywood. All are welcome to join us and revel in booze and b*llsh*t.
(What? You were expecting meaningful discussion? In Hollywood?)


deepstructure said...

sorry i missed the get-together. would have loved to have meet some other scribosphere residents. how'd it go?

chris heimpel said...

re: being served

I'd like to see more animation. I see lots of well done animated shows for toddlers on morning TV but none for the adult geek audience. There's that Avengers coming out but that's all I know of. Is there any more? Come on, we have lots of money and love wasting it on crap.