Friday, February 17, 2006

It's a Bad Combination When...

It's Friday. It's early. I haven't had enough coffee yet (that little man inside my head is doing the stabby-stabby), and the world is filled with idiots (myself included).

Lots of things are going on and yet there's nothing I can announce - do you know how frustrating that is? Pulpy cool things that get in between your toes like the mud on the riverbank. The work of hours of phone calls and emails. Yet your hands and mouth are shackled together and not even The Escapist can help you. (If you don't know who The Escapist is, read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay).

I just had a major story breakthrough for The Knightmare, which in the grand scheme of things means a major rewrite. As much as you embrace the joy of discovering something new about your script, it is completely balanced by the wrath you unleash on your ego by saying, "Why didn't you think of this before, ee-dee-ot!"

We've got idiots over on The Engine (or at least in the comics retailing community) saying that they should raise the price of Fell (by Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith) from $1.99 to $3.99. Let me be a voice among many to say this:

You want more readers in comics? Don't raise the prices.
(Simply the first step in a much larger scheme, but a step in the right direction)

I opened up a vein and bled all sorts of story ideas for a new DVD project. Let's just say that I'm a nutbar on this one and it could be the biggest coup or the biggest flop ever in DVD. The more I think of it, the more I know it has to happen -- the market forces are swirling in this direction like a hurricane, but like a hurricane it may not leave much behind. (I'm being cryptic - I know).

God, I love my life. Even on days like today.

End rant.


MaryAn Batchellor said...

Your day today is mine yesterday. Hug a puppy.

Kelly J. Compeau said...

It's nice to hear (see?) you talk this way, Bill. So excited and hopeful for the future. Great to see!