Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Update

Been feeling a little like this lately...

I am working on a lot of projects at this point and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, so I'm going to take the weekend to reorganize and get a plan together. I've got to find a balance between the paying work and the spec stuff. The paying stuff has hit and hard, but it has left precious little time to move forward in the other writing. It's either sleep or writing and quite frankly, the s-word has been winning.

In other news, I have now joined the rest of the 21st century and seen the following:

Episode 5 of CHARLIE JADE (ethereal)
2 episodes of LIFE ON MARS (Damn good fun)
and I am preparing to watch the first episode of ELEVENTH HOUR.

Is there anything out there I am missing? let me know. I tried watching REGENESIS but there was something wrong with know.

I have a few things out there that I would love to make announcements on, but despite the "I love its" - no paperwork. Especially the paperwork with the zeroes on it.

Anyway, have a good weekend. I'm going down to the Lab for coffee...


DMc said...

Yup, 5 of Charlie Jade was, I think, the best of the "early" episodes.

Bloggeristas Alex and Myself didn't come on that show til about 8 tho, so you're still not seeing..ahem..."the cream."

As for Life on Mars -- 1 and 4 are the best of the ones I've seen so far...although 5 has got a nice kind of resonance to it, too. I thought 2 and 3 were a little weak.

But it's nice to see what they do with what is obviously not that big a budget.

I mean, except for that car. And how cute is that Liz White. Rowwr.


Bill Cunningham said...

I haven't seen ep. 1 of LIFE ON MARS yet. I agree it's not that big a budget as in ep. 2 most of the action took place off camera and was heard over the radio.

The car is hot. Ditto Liz White - even with the blue eye shadow.

What is really intriguing though is the length of the episodes. They seem to drag when compared to US tv. The story is told takes the edge off.

I also saw DOCTOR WHO - THE CHRISTMAS INVASION which was quite well done. I really look forward to more of that.

CD said...

I've got Life on Mars. Haven't watched it yet.

You might want to check out The IT Crowd, too. (A BBC sitcom about, well, see the title.) It's not nearly the Office but it's kind of fun; especially if you're a psuedo-geek like me.

Episodes are available on line if you poke around the usual places.

Here's a link

James Moran said...

Watch the first ep of Eleventh Hour, then skip the rest. If you think Life on Mars drags, you'll be pulling your eyes out halfway through the padded EH eps...

marc bernardin said...

One of these days I have seriously gotta get my pirate on and figure out Torrent.

[Preparing for the stoning]

Bill Cunningham said...

Well, if the networks and other entities had their act together, they could take advantage of the situation - uploading shows on the net that have advertising.

The fact is that the people uploading and sharing files on the net represents a small portion of the population. And if you are to believe a Harvard business study it actually promotes the shows and generates revenue overall. Similar to what radioplay does for album sales.

I do plan on buying the dvd set for LIFE ON MARS when it comes out - it's a good show. If the dvd set is on par with the other Kudos productions - MI-5, HUSTLE - then they've got my money. BBC has my money with the new DOCTOR WHO set coming out.

And to whomever is reading this - pass it around: I want to see a SURVIVORS DVD SET - the british series about the end of the world when a plague is unleashed. DITTO JEREMIAH SERIES 2.

Go forth and do your filthy work...

James Moran said...

Survivors - your wish has already been granted, if you have a multi-region player, and can order from the UK Amazon site:

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Bill Cunningham said...

Actually, I want A&E or some other USA DVD company to put out a set here.

But thanks, If I do get desperate, I will consider it.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Not savvy enough to find your email address and didn't want my rebuttal to go unnoticed to a comment you made days ago on Philip Moton's blog (go check it out or just keep reading) where you gave me some very sound advice. Just read it this morning. I'm an underdog, yes. But, I'm not a pity party kind of gal. Just want to clear that up.

Bill Cunningham said...

I understand the feeling. I was in SC and felt very removed from the film industry until I sought it out. Then I was able to build a resume'

You have SxSW right in your backyard. That's something really cool that you can use.

(for the benefit of those who don't click over to Phil's)

email addy:

cinexploits at gmail dot com