Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Big One Doesn't Exist

So, I'm working with my co-writer today prepping for the pitch tomorrow, and it crossed my mind - "This could be the one."

That's when the Boy Genius kicked in and set me straight. Understand now that this complete conversation took place:

a) In my mind
b) In the space of a couple of seconds

Such is the power of the Boy Genius to set one back on the path.

Me: This could be the one.
Boy Genius: What one?
Me: The one script that launches my career, silly!
BG: Oh boy. Sit down, kid. Let me explain something to you...

There is no "One". That is, there is no one magical script taken from the fertile fields of your imagination that is going to launch your career into the stratosphere. An overnight success takes a decade. What you have is a career - you either do it or you don't.

Think about it. Do you want to gamble like that, and put all your hopes into this one script? That's stupid. It's like betting on "00" at the roulette table. The odds are astronomical you'd win. You put too much pressure on yourself.

Me: Okay, so I don't gamble on a career?
BG: Nope. Careers are like building houses - they're built one brick, in this case one script, at a time. They're built on a foundation. They take time. You have to put in all the support beams, drywall, electrical - there's a lot that goes into it. Don't belittle all your effort by saying one script is going to make all the difference.

They all make a difference - or at least they should.

Otherwise, you're just gambling, and good gamblers know -- "The house always wins in the end."

Then my co-writer said something, the Boy Genius said goodbye, and I went back to work...

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