Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change In The Lineup

Doing something a little different with my pitch sheet for B.E.M. (Bug-Eyed Monsters). I've had a few nibbles here and there from comics folks, a few outright "No's!", and some "No responses."

I've also been fiddling (canoodling/sitting on my ass and contemplating my navel/dreaming) with something for DVD that I've told a few of you about. Well, I've chucked my initial idea for that, and put B.E.M. in its place. It means some restructuring of the story, but it makes the characters and the plotlines work better - now they have room to breathe.

So, in keeping with what our good old Kung Fu Monkey said the other day, I printed out six sheets for my show/comic - Yes, in this instance they are interchangeable - and I'm replotting everything in an episodic/issue format.

Usually I'm dealing with just one set of plot - feature - but now I'm not only dealing with the overall six episode/issue plot, but also the internal plot structure of each.


For me, it's a new way of thinking and plotting. That's always good as I don't want to go stale but remain nice and full of juicy pulpiness. It's good training for any television work I want to pursue, which I guess I am as I'm plotting it as a serial.

I'll let you know what I learn about the process.

** meaning frustrating, challenging, nerve wracking, etc...

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