Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Scr(i)pt Showcase Goes Mad for Your Pulp Bastard

Special announcements to all concerned:

1) I have been invited to speak at the upcoming April 7-9th Screenwriter’s Showcase at the Universal Sheraton.

From the Screenwriter’s Showcase website:

Final Draft and Scr(i)pt magazine present a one-of-a-kind scriptwriting and creative development industry conference, marketplace and meeting sessions. Panels featuring A-list screenwriters, agents, managers, producers and development executives will examine the craft and business of scriptwriting for film, television and interactive media. Don’t miss this unprecedented opportunity to learn from the professionals who drive the entertainment industry.

Join us at Universal Studios® in the heart of the entertainment community for this gathering of professionals dedicated to promoting the art and business of scriptwriting.

Your mad pulp bastard will be there discussing the importance of DVD extras, and how “It’s not just film, it’s DVD.” Here’s a description of the panel from the program schedule:

DVD Extras: Wave of the NOW
Why are DVDs so much more popular than VHS these days? If you think it's just because it's a shiny, digital disc, you're wrong. Don't underestimate the marketing power behind those "Extra Features" that we all love. Think it's the filmmakers creating the scripts for those interviews, commentaries, etc. Think again.

Moderator: Ray Morton
Speaker 1: Anthony Teofilo
Speaker 2: Bill Cunningham
Speaker 3: TBA

While it is not on the agenda as yet, I am sure we will be able to work in some tales from the DVD trenches on what it’s like writing for this market, how you can break in, and what the market is looking for in terms of scripts. If we don’t discuss this at the panel, you can always find me at the hotel bar. Anyone attending please feel free to contact me via email.

Two other ‘shout outs’ must go to the Scribosphere’s Phil Morton and Warren Hsu Leonard who will be hosting their own panels during the event. If you attend, be sure to check them out. For more information and to register, please log on here.
2) Recently I was interviewed by none other than Warren Hsu Leonard (mentioned above) for the upcoming May issue of Scr(i)pt magazine in an article titled, Platforming Your Way to Success. I have 7.5 column inches of text in the piece (tell your sisters)...

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