Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

Light posting post- Scriptwriter's Showcase and other stuff. I am now starting to feel sick and flu-ish (the second time this year). I am indulging in Ny-Quill liqui-caps and orange juice. Hence the ramble of this post.

What's interesting to note however is that I now sleep under the stars here at the Secret Mountain HQ. Yes, I have a skylight open to the brisk night sky. This however was not intentional, but the act of one of my landlord's construction crew who have been working on the roof, and put his foot through the drywall.

A great view by the way.
I just hope the red-tailed hawks that fly by don't take to the opening.

Yes, I am still working on B.E.M.
And The Knightmare.
And Stacked Deck.
And Alienated.
And a reality TV show that could actually be worthwhile.
And a few (A few- try Six!) other projects that have all twisted themselves up around my sickness.

I am going to sleep now and get up when I feel better. Think Sunday.

Ladies, feel free to shower me in chicken soup and TLC. Sponge baths optional.


Grubber said...

Hope you feel better soon Bill.

CD said...

A reality tv show that's worthwhile?

Now, I know you're really sick Bill.

Stay hydrated and get better soon.


DecoderRing said...

When a man is well enough to solicit sponge baths, he's usually on the road to recovery. Feel better soon, man. Get some hot chicken curry in you.

Bill Cunningham said...

I will be on death's door and still solicit a sponge bath. It's in my DNA...

Kelly J. Compeau said...

Shall I wear my white PVC nurse's uniform this time, Bill?