Saturday, May 13, 2006

Under Renovation

Since the Secret Mountain HQ is under reconstruction, I thought it appropriate to hose off the blog and put on a fresh coat of paint. Then, I got ambitious and decided to do a little repair work here and there - tighten a few loose boards, things like that. Thanks go to Curt for a loan of his tools. I'll get them back to you - I swear!

I'm also moving the furniture around and setting up a better looking pulp writer's pad - home office with library, wetbar and a rec room. Things every pulp writer - male or female - can use.

Bring your own Scotch though.

The management apologizes for the inconvenience, but we know you'll like our better, pulpier look and direction.

Edit: Does anyone know why my links are getting squashed toward the bottom? I have a few more resources to post (Tim Minear scripts, Rob Thomas VM scripts, Brit TV scripts) , but I'm not going to hook them up if the links squeeze together even more. I also have some cool stuff to put into the Movie House link list.

If you have the answer, and the solution, please email me at the email in my profile.

Lee Thomson sent me the right solution and as you can see the links look like their proper size now. I think this computer thing might be catching on...


Shawna said...
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Grubber said...

Do you have an answer to your links problem yet? I had similar problem on mine, so may be able to help.

If you have already been told, well then my work here is done.
ykdmkpy=what you say when the word verification word does't actually appear so you have to just hit enter and then redo it anyway, on the technically challending RED word verifications........