Friday, June 30, 2006

"And I Don't Work For Nobody But You..."

So, it's Friday afternoon as I type this (I may hold the post for awhile so bear with me) and I wanted to relate a little tale about a guy who's in my blogroll. You've probably never heard of him before this, but you will. (Yeah I know. "Cryptic Boy" again)
Many months ago I received comments from this guy thanking me for this or that bit of information that I spewed out into the scribosphere. Apparently, I was of some service to him. He had shot his first film, and he was in the process of editing, and long-story-short, something I said made sense (Call Ripley), and he was able to cut down his film from 120 minutes to around 100.
I kept track of what he was doing, because the story he told on his blog was a good concept. I thought, "At least he started off on the right foot. Let's see what he does with it."
Well, he kept at it and kept at it, until one day - completely out of the blue - he emails me and says he wants to send me a screener of his movie. Now for the most part, first time moviemakers create crappy movies, and I was thinking that I would rather rip my eyeballs out through my sphincter than watch it, but I said, "okay," and he sent me the movie.
It sat on my desk for awhile (what a wonderfully nebulous word that can mean a few minutes, days, weeks or even months) until I decided to pop it in and see the horror for myself.
Then the movie started... and surprise, surprise I wasn't feeling the need to do an anal-corneal removal. The opening credits looked good, professional even. I picked up the DVD case and held it in my hand while I watched the movie all the way through - without fast forwarding a bit.

You know the old saying, "I want a movie that speaks to me?" Not only was this one speaking to me, this one was whispering in my ear and going for my boys...
When it was over, I stopped the DVD player and sat in the dark, thinking about it. It wasn't a great movie, but it was damn good. Entertaining, first and foremost. (Hi, Denis!) Not embarassing at all. I could see myself working with this guy- maybe.
So I called him up and left a message:
"Hi! It's Bill Cunningham and I just saw your movie, and I'd like to talk to you about it. Give me a call back if you could or send me an email. "
He called back.
We talked.
Papers were exchanged. Promises made. Virgins sacrificed.
Now I'm representing his film, Sex Machine to distributors.

And Christopher Sharpe is the man.
He took a killer concept and with little money, but a lot of creativity and ingenuity, made a movie we can sell. We've already received interest from several distributors. Enough interest that we'll have to hire a lawyer soon...
So be on the lookout for it on your video store shelf. In the meantime, take a look at the website with all the trailers and doodads you kids like so much.
(and does anyone know why Blogger is not allowing photos to post???)


wcdixon said...

very cool...

Da Weave said...

That's great. I've been following Sex Machine's progress through John Oak Dalton's blog and found the trailer to be very intriguing. Good luck on getting the deal done. I look forward to seeing it.


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