Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Con Is On (Disc)!

If you wish to thrill to the misadventures of Mickey, Danny, "Albee", Stacie and Ash, then hustle yourself down to your local purveyor of fine video products, and pick up this set. This is one of the best television series ever - period! Witty and wonderful and an utter delight every time. Series 4 will be coming this fall, so this set will be a good primer for the uninitiated.


Kid Sis said...

Okay,just finished Big Love so I guess I'm ready for another series...Are you watching Hex?

DMc said...

Hey, is anybody watching "The Closer?"

I started watching it cause my show has a strong female protag who's voice I'm having trouble nailing, but now I'm just watchiing slavishly because I'm a couch potato and I love this freaking show.

...by the way, I know I'm late to the party, but no one in Canada picked this show up.

On the other hand, HUSTLE is on over the air tv here.

Bill Cunningham said...

I saw the first season of CLOSER and liked it alot. I saw some of my childhood friends in Kyra's southern ways. I'm watching her quirks, which to me are interesting. Haven't completely made my mind up on it yet.

As I emailed Kid Sis, I saw one ep. of HEX.

HUSTLE is AMC here which is an interesting programming choice. I watch it via other methods...

I liked your breakdown on Tolan and fan boards re: RESCUE ME. Sorry to say I haven't watched any of it... (I know, I know).

Of course, BLADE is on tonight (which means I'll see it tomorrow) and probably hate myself for it later...

Anyone know when SPOOKS is back up and running?