Saturday, June 10, 2006

Radar Men From The Moon: Chapter Nine

Click on the picture and enjoy this new action-packed chapter!


Kelly J. Compeau said...

I am enjoying this so much. Bill, thanks for making such an enormous effort to track these serials down, chapter by chapter, for us. I really appreciate it.

Bill Cunningham said...

Thank you, Kelly. You are very welcome.

Part of the reason I connected the Movie House section to the site is so I can track this "pulpy, retro cool" stuff down, and put it up. Make no mistake, I love this stuff, and if no one else saw it besides me - I would still do it.

I will be collecting all of the links to the appropriate chapters into one big post. That way, someone - if they are so inclined -can watch everything back to back.

I'm also priming the pump a bit as I have some new serial projects I'm getting off the ground, and want to get people to understand my particular pov.

Sometimes you just have to put on a mask, prowl the night and fight crime. It makes life interesting, if demented.

Chopped Nuts said...

Oh geez, now I'm all excited. Can you give us some hints to your own serial projects? Or is it all uber hush-hush for now?

Bill Cunningham said...

I wouldn't call it "Uber hush-hush"...let's just say I'm not ready to reveal too much to the world at large.

Some of you have read the work, and have provided me with some great notes. To you I say,"thanks!" To the rest of you - you'll have to wait until someone writes the check. Hopefully sooner rather than later.