Saturday, June 24, 2006

Saturday at the Matinee

In freefall today as I wrap up a few things that have been on my plate for too long. I hate having unfinished work on my desk and in my brain. I'm reading Alex Epstein's Book, Crafty TV Writing and will have a review next week. I'm also reading two other books for a variety of reasons. My talk/workshop for tomorrow at the Screenplay Lab should be a lot of fun and hopefully, illuminating to people who haven't been in "The room" to see how DVD decisions are made - at least on the independent level. Yes, it is as cutthroat as it sounds. I actually like it that way. My notes for that need typing up.

Then there's chores around the Secret Headquarters - cleaning up the lab, putting a new interociter into the robot, recalibrating the atomic ray gun, refilling the atomic pile on the Strato-Sled. One never knows when villainy will strike, and it pays to be prepared. After that it's fun with the good Doctor and Rose and plenty of sleep before tomorrow.

Next week I'll make a few announcements that should be of interest to pulpy-minded film folk.


Grubber said...

You, blunt? Go figure. :)

Bill Cunningham said...

I'm the picture of gentlemanly decorum...

How's yer balls?

Grubber said...

back to normal thank god, but wait for the next saga in that story, my Dad told me his experience. Let's just say it's worth blogging about. :)

John Donald Carlucci said...

interociter - Hmmmm, very old and obscure references.

How bout news on the Skull?