Saturday, July 29, 2006

Seriously Speaking

An article from the LA times talks about the recent failure of MY SUPER-EX GIRLFRIEND because it was a "superhero comedy."

I agree that there is a great tradition of bad super-comedies, BLANKMAN being the stinkiest of the bunch, but they seem to forget one simple thing. The movies they mention all suck because they are disjointed comedies that suck, not because they are superhero comedies.

It has to be a good story first, guys...


DecoderRing said...

...And part of the reason they suck is that they're made by folks who want to piggyback on a popular genre that they themselves have no affection for. We'll do a superhero story, but at the same time make it obvious that we're really above such things. The sad thing is, they really believe that this formula will please everybody.

RogerRmjet said...

I think another problem with Super Ex-Girlfriendis the casting. I didn't think Uma nor Luke Wilson were right for the roles. Sorry to say, but Uma's getting a bit too old for these types of roles. And what was up with Uma's costume? Have you ever seen a female superhero wearing a mini-dress and a big fur hat? I thought the idea was decent enough, but seeing the trailer completely turned me off.

Scott the Reader said...

It seems like they are constantly blaming the failures of movies on something other than simply whether they are any good or not.

The first Pirates of the Caribbean movie made money where other pirates movies hadn't because it was an entertaining movie. You can make money in any genre, if you make a good one.

But that's still the problem with Hollywood -- they are always looking for movies that will still make money even if they suck.