Monday, July 24, 2006

They're Listening

From DISContent reader Adriano Barone who forwarded me this announcement from Newsarama:

DC launches a new line of direct-to-video DC animated movies

Paul Levitz stood to make an announcement, and spoke about a new strategy for DC to move into direct-to-video animation.
Working with Warner Bros. Home Video and WB Animation, the company will launch a new line of direct-to-video DC animated movies that are being designed with DC Comics fans in mind, Levitz said.
He continued, saying that DC is looking to do a series of titles that will tell the character bits and stories that were important to fans, and will be working with the comic book creators on them.

The first title will be the previously-leaked animated film version of Darwyn Cooke's The New Frontier. Cooke will work with Stan (JLU) Berkowitz on the film, with Cooke providing key art direction.

Another title in the series, Levitz continued, will be Superman/Doomsday, which will take the "essence" of the Superman/Doomsday story - and will be directed by Bruce Timm and written by Duane Capizzi, who's currently working on The Batman animated series.

The third title in the series will be an animated version of the classic story Teen Titans story "The Judas Contract", written by Marv Wolfman. Tom DeStano (X-Men) will join Wolfman as co-writer and producer on the film.

"This is just the beginning," Levitz said. "We're sitting around and thinking of send all your suggestions in."


First off:

-- Shout outs go to Adriano for sending me the story. I wouldn't have seen it until tomorrow.
-- This is a step in the right direction as the creative teams on these show lots of talent and dedication to quality.
-- Next should be live-action baby!
-- Oh, and don't send DC your ideas. They need to do their own legwork.


RogerRmjet said...

I've never understood why WB didn't move Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and Co. up to the live-action front, instead of wasting time with people like Joel Schumacher, McG, Tim Burton, Brett Ratner, and so on. These guys really understand the DC Comics heroes and their work puts the most of the live-action work to shame. Compare the travesty that was Batman and Robin to Batman: Subzero. Plot-wise, its nearly the same film, but Subzero kicks B&Rs butt every way to Sunday and then some. Likewise, Superman: Last Son of Krypton (first three episodes of the animated series strung together) is a far better Superman film than Superman Returns.

Definitely glad to see that WB is moving in the right direction, though. This is perfect for DVD Premieres!

RogerRmjet said...

Bill, I think the folks over at WB must be reading your site. First, they announce the DC Comics DVD Premieres. And today they've just added their first batch of shows (no Smallville?) to iTunes, including the Aquaman (aka Mercy Reef, the Smallville spin-off) pilot that didn't get picked up. Hmmm, debuting a show online... where have I heard that before? Maybe Global Frequency and that show on You Tube have started something here.