Monday, September 04, 2006

Clandestine Ops

Just some stuff I'm immersing myself. Formulating ideas and finding uniques takes on familiar tropes. What hasn't happened in the spy game? In terrorism/ special ops?
What do people think of when they think of spy shows?


wcmartell said...

In my next spy script, I have an agent sent behind enemy lines... pretending to be one of theirs... who must discover all of the plans for the invasion and make it back without being caught.

Your basic cold war spy story...

Except, instead of Checkpoint Charlie, our spy hero must cross the line between the waking world and the dream world.

- Bill

PS: Actually, I just realized that my next spy script is about terrorist sleeper cells in the USA and Europe. They look just like you and me... but they aren't.

Bill Cunningham said...

A unique "challenge" for a spy story.

I should tell you about Hexx, LDPD (Los Diablos Police Dept) sometime...

And don't say too much, Bill. We wouldn't want someone replicating your concepts.

Matt Davids said...

The first thing I think of when I hear spy picture is a globe-trotting, extreme sports enthusiast, master of almost everything, who’s at the top of his game until his wife/girlfriend/mentor/best friend is killed/kidnapped or betrays him. I understand raising the stakes and larger-than-life characters to a point. But whatever happened to the average Joe who gets caught up in something too big for him but raises to the occasion? I find this much more dramatic and even inspiring.

Matt Davids

Bill Cunningham said...

That particular spy story - a staple of the genre - is still around.

wcmartell said...

From 39 STEPS to THE THIRD MAN, to...

Well, I read this script a long time ago called LIFE & DEATH OF BOBBY Z - and I think they finally got around to making it. Great idea about reclusive drug kingpin who may or may not be dead. So FBI finds a guy in prison who looks like the few old photos they have, and they send him to infultrate the drug organization as the kigpin. It's this amazing Cinderella story about this small time crook who has never had anything and is now living a millionare's life... until people who really know the drug kingpin show up.

- Bill

Anonymous said...

Son of a senior Al Queda official who spent the first 14 years of his live in Canada.

In the nineties, dad moves the family to Afghanastan.

Son grew up in the West, so his form of rebellion is to go against his father's wishes for him to be a suicide bomber.

How would you feel if your dad tried to convince you to kill yourself?

So when he runs away the CIA picks him up and turns him into an asset.

This is a true story actually.