Monday, October 09, 2006

By Now...

All of you regular DISContented folk will have seen the first two episodes of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA.

(And if you haven't - leave now and go do so by any means necessary. So say we all.)

I will leave the political philosphy to better wordsmiths than myself. My contribution to that line of discussion is simply this: Ron Moore is making us think (and more importantly feel) about that dirty, nasty word "insurgent."

That is a damn good thing.

Moore and co. have taken the show in a bold new direction - the path it was always meant for, but never found in the original series. I am stirred and shaken by the quality of the writing.

Some of you have probably thought this as well but here goes:

Did Moore co-opt V and plug it into the BSG storyline?


Aric Blue said...

Some of it comes off like V--I recently watched V again, and it's surprising how well the story holds up. I mean, Independence Day really didn't have to change too much when they stole, er...borrowed from it.

But in some ways it makes me feel strange to root for the guys who are doing what the terrorists in real life are doing. I'm sure it's what Moore's going for, but still...

marc bernardin said...

hey...did you notice the Bionic Woman thing? Apparently, I was one gender off...

Roger Alford said...

"Did Moore co-opt V and plug it into the BSG storyline?"

I made that same point in the Reboot discussion. That was probably the most ass-kicking two hours of television I've ever seen.

Cunningham said...

Aric - because the subject matter pushes some buttons is exactly why I like it so much.

Marc - Saw it. Love the idea of nanotech.

Roger - just saw your post and yes, you thought of this first. I was watching the episodes on sunday and thought to myself, "If one of those Cylons ripped off his face and there was a lizard underneath I wouldn't be the least bit surprised."

DecoderRing said...

....Well, I never made the connection, but you're right. Damn you're right.

Yeah, fantastic stuff. Bleak. Oh, lord it's bleak. But you can't look away.

Are you kids getting season two of Doctor Who down there? 'Cause that's the not-at-all-bleak half of my sci-fi one-two punch. The mind prozac that offsets my BSG... I worry about you guys if you're not getting that half of the equation too.

Roger Alford said...

Bill, do you listen to Ron Moore's BSG commentary podcast? Not only is it really cool to get commentary for each episode without having to wait for the DVDs, but he also gives you the behind-the-scenes thinking for the scripting of each episode.

For example, in these first two episodes, he talks quite a bit about how they tackled this subject. He says the episode has no agenda, but is designed to make you think about the issue (which is what good sci-fi really does). He also reveals how they used the characters in the show to tackle each side -- which characters would be most likely to do one thing, and which would be most likely to do another? Which ones would stay strong, and who would betray? He also says that he actually most sides with Col. Tigh in these episodes.

I can't watch BSG without listening to the commentary afterwards. It's fascinating and has become an essential part of the show for me.

Cunningham said...

DR - we are getting Doctor Who.

Roger - I haven't listened to it yet, been busy trying to find a new place to live.

But I will listen.