Thursday, October 12, 2006

How Did I Miss This?

Warren Ellis reports today in his [Bad Signal] newsletter that STARGATE SG-1 is going to DVD. You can read about it here.

In addition, there's an interesting slate of DVD Premieres coming our way.

[thinking out loud]

Things are shaking up and moving around. Financial models are being rethought as are production techniques...

They need writers. Writers who are used to low budgets and how to work around limitations. Writers who know how to deliver a near production-ready draft. Writers who can re-use stock footage. Writers who can deliver what the audience wants...and then surprise them with something they weren't expecting.

And as this develops we are going to see series of DVD features being shot back-to-back, so the concept of "The Writer's Room" may have relevance to the feature business.

And at the start of this they will be using properties they own for DVD Premiere sequels, but eventually we'll see originals come into it.

Producers won't think of these as "stand-alones" - going to be even more "franchise-think" in Hollywood.

Cable nets will come into it and movies may premiere on cable and DVD near simultaneously - using the cable release as advertising.

You Tube will become a force for premiering movies (if it hasn't already).


Roger Alford said...

Also heard on the radio yesterday about how drug stories and other shops (the one's you'd never think of when renting DVDs) are going to follow Europe's lead and start installing automated DVD renting machines.

So Blockbuster may die under its own weight, but non-NetFlix DVD renting will live on, just like in the early days of renting VHS (pre-Blockbuster), where you could grab a movie just about anywhere.

Cunningham said...

Convenience stores want to satisfy that need and the "impulse buy."

DVD vending machines are a great idea and they are most successful in non-traditional outlets.