Monday, October 02, 2006

I Need to Write a Book...Maybe

Just got my proof back for my article in Scr(i)pt magazine, and I have to tell you guys there's a lot of useful information in there.

Too much information.

As I flipped through the pages I could see the kitchen sink sticking out from behind the pic of Carlos Gallardo from El Mariachi (one of the examples of a pulp movie I use in the article). I threw a bit of everything in there, and I think maybe I was fearful that I would never be asked to write one of these things again, so I might as well shoot my wad...

And that was a mistake. I didn't follow my own advice and focus. I used a lot of stuff from here and there - bits of it you've seen on the blog. I've given you a lovely overview of pulp screenwriting.

So maybe I need to write a book - to at least codify my thoughts and methods in the fine art of pulp filmmaking. The kind of book I could have used when I was banging my head against the wall in SC trying to figure out how to write screenplays.

[Side note: I recently found some old writings of mine, graded by a professor who I considered a mentor. He was overly kind and encouraging, and a big help when I was going through school for the second time. I read what I wrote and thought it was the biggest pile of dog drool I have ever written. Then I remembered that I was going through girlfriend trouble at the time, and it all sort of clicked into place]

Well, anyway - take a look at the article coming out next month and tell me what you think.


wcdixon said...

Look forward to it Bill - Dexter was not bad - creepy yes, unusual in a interesting way I hope - like an Elmore Leonard novel/movie on acid or something

Cunningham said...

I especially liked his fascination with...fluids.

His admiration for his "adversary" was also refreshing.

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Yes, write a book.

Roger Alford said...

Bill. by all means, write a book! You've done an excellent job of creating your own niche. Looking forward to the day your Scr(i)pt article hits my mailbox next month.

DecoderRing said...

Yay, a book! And let us all collectively write the forward "Blog-comment" style.

That is, unless you think a forward that degrades into a debate on wether or not Steve Austin could beat Santos in a fight whould be a bad thing.