Monday, November 06, 2006

Borat Wins (Is Nice...)

So the Industry is reporting to the world that BORAT earned around $26M on 800 screens across the country, doing what have been termed, "FARENHEIT 911" numbers.

But what does it mean to the average Joe or Jane filmmaker-screenwriter?

- BORAT was made for pocket change (in terms of studio money). They spent more on the marketing and promotion than they did on the film itself.
- It had a unique approach to its material. An approach that was low-budget (documentary-style).
- It had "underground buzz" thanks to the HBO show (and DVD series) DA ALI G SHOW.
- Cohen got out there and stumped for his movie - but again in a unique way - as the character of the movie. He became controversial.
- Cohen honed his material and character - his brand - to a fine edge before he made his movie. He did what he knew he could do well, then took it a bit further.
- He came out at the right time - during a national election period.

I can't wait to see the DVD...

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