Friday, November 10, 2006

On Sale Now!

Just getting back into the writing thing (at least blogging. I've been writing a lot of other stuff lately - press releases, treatments, business proposals, and yes the occasional bit of the script stuff) as I've been devoted to marketing and producing endeavors as well as moving from the Secret Mountain HQ to the MPB Pad.

I've been busy.

So as I am unpacking the libraries of pulp and comics and reconfiguring the office, I opened up the old screenwriter's toolbox and saw one of the most powerful tools in any writer's toolbox (warchest, arsenal - take your pick). It's the one thing that will work in any situation, any time, anywhere. It's amazing that we writers often pack it away and forget it's there.

[cue commercial theme]

And for an unlimited time, I'm am offering this handy-dandy writer's tool that slices and dices through any problem for the unheard of low, low price of...

Absolutely free.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen I'm talking about the genuine, all-purpose, stainless...

What If...
(Batteries not included)
That's right, no matter what the problem - sagging plot, weak characterization, no theme, no concept - What If can take care of it. The true multi-purpose writer's tool.
Backed into a corner? Simply take out the What if and watch it go to work...and amazingly it keeps on working until you tell it to stop and put it away.
Character has no resonance? Simply ask "What if?" and use this amazing tool for every tough situation. What if takes you in any direction you want.
Perfect for conceptualizing...rewriting...polishing...tweaking... It never runs down and it never breaks no matter how rough you treat it.
No writer's pad should be without one.
Order yours today. Operators are standing by.

1 comment:

Piers said...

I can't afford to pay that kind of money.

Get outta here. I got work to do creating the same fucking thing you saw last week.

I mean it.