Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Post-Holiday Bleh!

Been awhile.

I know, and I'm sorry.

I had a good Thanksgiving by myself (as I liked it that way) and was able to sit and contemplate a lot of things. Stuff that you need to do every now and then.

Saturday I went out with my friend director Mike Kallio to the Coach and Horses to celebrate his birthday. Lo and behold I got to meet Lisa Bonet and her boyfriend Jason (the tall, dred-locked dude on STARGATE: ATLANTIS) and groove to the very excellent jukebox. Later we made it over to Residuals (Bill Martell's hangout in Studio City) and finished the place.

Then I woke up with the flu. Not good (except for the weight loss).

I've been working from the house this week as I haven't wanted to infect my folks over at Firebrain. Lots of writing to catch up on and reassess my goals for the coming year.

I will have an announcement later next week on something pretty exciting. Something that finally came to fruition last week, and will be a part of my repertoire for next year.


wcdixon said...

Looking forward to it (the announcement, not the flu). Get better...and is L. Bonet still yummy?

Anonymous said...

Jason Momoa of SGA is not Lisa's boyfriend. Jason Momoa is engaged to Simmone Jade McKinnon. You need to correct this information. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jason Mamoa is, hands down, the hottest dude on TV at this time. And with Lisa Bonet? Hell, forget that Pitt/Jolie baby. I wanna see the Bonet/Mamoa baby.

Better yet, I'd like to make the Mamoa baby.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bill, you sure do know your celebriries well! NOT! M'thinks you had a major brain fart! Jason Momoa is NOT Lisa Bonet's Boyfriend! Jason has been engaged to his partner of 6 years, Simmone Jade Mackinnon for a few years now and this is very well known to anyone who knows anything about Jason or Simmone. Don't believe me? Ask Google, or better still, Ask Jason Momoa! Hey, how about this.... check the recent article I've posted below.....That should help set the record strait until you correct your mistake.

Lisa Bonet? Hahahahaha!!! Really now? She is linked to SGA in an odd 'six degrees of Kevin Bacon' way though. Lisa Bonet is the best friend of Cree Summer, who is the Sister of actor Rainbow Sun Francks, who played Lt. Aiden Ford on SGA in season 1 and a few return episodes in season 2.

Rural idyll for Daughter

Sarah Nicholson

November 14, 2006 11:00pm
Article from: The Courier-Mail

MOST of the McLeod's Daughters' cast live beside the beach in Adelaide, which means they spend a couple of hours on the road each day getting to and from work.
But not Simmone Jade Mackinnon. She found a little cottage in the bush that's only a stone's throw from the South Australian property that doubles as Drovers Run.

"For me to get to work only takes 10 minutes. They have the beach but I prefer to get my sleep," Mackinnon says.

"I love my little house but I think that's something that has come with age, maybe I'm nesting. It's an 1880s stone cottage and it has a big back yard for my dogs and I love my little garden.

"I was already a country girl because I grew up on the land and I just love being out here in the morning and at sunset. The trees down here are the most beautiful I have ever seen, especially in the summer with the blue sky and golden fields behind them.

"The country that we shoot in has become a character of its own. The house and the land are a big part of the show, and there is no way that we could shoot anywhere else now."

But living in South Australia and playing Stevie Hall on McLeod's means that Mackinnon is on the other side of the world to her fiance Jason Momoa who is based in Canada while filming his series Stargate Atlantis.

Momoa, an American who was born in Honolulu, and Mackinnon met on the set of Baywatch Hawaii in 1999 and lived together in Los Angeles before each was cast for roles that would put the Pacific Ocean between them.

"The time really flies, we can see each other because we have the money to fly back and forth so that makes it easier, and we know that this is the start of a future for us."

Mackinnon is also enjoying the fruits that come with playing a core character on a weekly drama series, success that's made all the more sweet when she remembers the hard times of trying to make it in Hollywood.

"When we first moved to LA we were on a high after Baywatch, but then the sheer reality of how hard life is for an actor hit us. We had no money and were living in a trailer with no running water, it was a real slap in the face for us," she says.

"I was in LA when I heard about this job. Aaron Jeffrey's (ex) wife's sister told my sister that they were looking for Erin Brockovich on a horse, so I gave the casting agent a call after they had already been looking for Stevie for a few months.

"I had not seen the show when I got out here to do the final audition. I was jetlagged when I sat down to watch three episodes, and I thought the show was amazing, so that made me more nervous because I really wanted it.

"During the audition I sucked. I really wasn't good at all, but they took it into consideration that I had just flown in from LA the night before and they gave me the job.

"They were specific about what they wanted and everyone knew how important the character was. With Lisa Chappell leaving, Stevie had to win hearts and had to be up with Tess. And, as much as I would like to claim Stevie, everyone moulded her."

Roger Alford said...

Bill, hope you get over the flu soon. I'm recovering from back surgery myself, so consider yourself lucky. :-)

By the way, have you seen the Superman Returns DVD deal they have going at Wal-Mart? You buy the DVD, then get a coupon to download the movie in whatever format you like -- PC, iPod, etc.. Some formats are cheaper than others, but I think the top-price one is like four bucks. Not a bad deal. Pretty smart thinking for Wal-Mart or whoever came up with the idea. I'm tempted to buy a copy there just for the download.

Cunningham said...


Whether they are boyfriend/girlfriend/paramours is for them to decide, but the fact is - you weren't there! Maybe they aren't together... but it looked like it. If that shatters some fannish illusions you have - so be it.

This is my last word on the subject:

It doesn't matter to me what they do in their private life. They are both great performers who've given people a lot of entertainment onscreen. I apologize to them if I've caused them any trouble in their personal lives by my simply mentioning I met them on my blog. They are fine folks; that night both said "hello" very warmly and exchanged a few pleasantries with everyone as we all crowded around the jukebox listening to some great music throughout the evening as we drank.

End of gossip.