Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another Trend Worth Watching (and Capitalizing On)

We actually started this discussion over at Denis' joint regarding how the internet and video streaming was going to change the way we view movies and television and eventually bypass the "traditional over the air broadcasting."

I'll let you read about it all here.

And to put a cap on that discussion on whether or not the internet will supplant the regular role of television and other media. I give you evidence of this trend...a movie directly from the web to DVD.


Roger Alford said...

Saw that Soup of the Day listing in the Video Business email myself last night. I was rather excited, too. The shape of things to come.

Cunningham said...

well, we're all hoping that b & C listers will jump aboard and use the internet to show people that they can have an acting and directing career outside their norm. Ileanna Douglas has something up on You Tube (Thanks DK!) that is funny, well made and short. It also features a cameo by Justine Bateman.