Friday, December 29, 2006


In the midst of working with Lee Thomson to get the comments working, our good friend Denis McGrath sent me an email about the rumours of a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA DVD Premiere movie to be shot on hiatus next year.

You can read about it here.

You can read some of the fannish comments here.

I think that this is a great move for BSG and makes a lot of sense, not only from a business sense but from a production sense as well. It follows a production philosophy that goes all the way back to Hitchcock and PSYCHO (which was produced by his TV series crew and not his more expensive film crew.)

DVD has been a MAJOR component to the success of BSG. It is no fluke that the DVD sets come out during the hiatus between the series. It essentially finances the whole show and brings it into the black very quickly.

A DVD Premiere movie reinforces the franchise itself and would be a great lead-in to the new series CAPRICA. It could be produced by the television crew with the standing sets and cast , supplemented by a few other (affordable) names.

And this isn't new territory either, BABYLON 5 has already produced quite a few made-for-cable movies. They're shooting a new one right now (in Vancouver no less) directed by B5 creator JM Strazcynski himself.

If this goes forward it will be a good thing for BSG and a great thing for the industry. If successful, it could blow the doors off a whole new arena of production. Instead of just the occasional DVDP of DUKES OF HAZZARD or SPECIES, they could be creating a whole new unit - the DVDP unit of TV series movies.

I'm wondering if the features will be written by the writer's room of the regular series?

And as I've said before, this will lead to a DVDP series.


Grubber said...

Two lots of good news. Comments and BSG movie. Would be even better if I had something insightful to add.

Bruce Findleton said...

Sorry. DVDP?

And I'm just giddy about being able to post a comment.


PS - Nice to see the content creeping up the page.

Cunningham said...

DVD Premiere...the term coined by Editor in Chief Scott Hettrick over at VIDEO BUSINESS magazine.

Created around the same time the video industry became the "Home Entertainment" industry.

ME said...

What Bruce said.

DecoderRing said...

Mmmmm... I'm all over that. Especially if it means we get to step away from the Desperate Cylons soapy stuff and have a little rock-em-sock-em. Come on... just a little... you know you want it...

The new digs look awesome, Bill. Did you get the Bat-poles working yet?

Cunningham said...

I haven't even purchased the William Shakespeare bust with the switch inside...

I'm a baaaad caped crusader...