Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Going Out On A Limb

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Sex Machine Leaves Mark on Anthem Pictures

Scary Actioner – part Frankenstein, part pulp – Acquired for Worldwide Distribution

Agoura Hills, CA – Anthem Pictures President & CEO Chuck Adelman announced today it had acquired all rights to Austin, TX filmmaker Christopher Sharpe’s debut feature film, Sex Machine for worldwide distribution. The scary action-thriller is scheduled for a DVD Premiere in the United States in March 2007.

Sex Machine, which takes its name from a mysterious tattoo on the hero’s arm is the gripping story of a man who wakes up in the middle of a gangland hit to discover that his limbs are not his own. Frank is a tough-talking patchwork assassin, stitched together from the body parts of other failed assassins. When Frank learns that his ex-girlfriend is the next test subject, he opens both barrels on his “creators” and unleashes a gory bloodbath of revenge.

“When we first screened the movie we knew we had a winner – not only with the audience who love movies like Reservoir Dogs or The Killer, but with the folks who like their gore, “said Adelman. “Sex Machine really delivers the goods. This is a pulpy hybrid of horror and hitmen that really goes for the throat.”

Sex Machine, winner of the 2006 MicroCinema and DeadCenter Film Festivals was shot in and around Austin, TX and Oklahoma City, OK and comes from the demented minds of Director Christopher Sharpe and screenwriter John Oak Dalton. Shot for over several months as cast and crew were available, Sharpe and Director of Photography Shogo have infused with the movie with what critics have called, “killer visual style” from the opening credits onward. Hundreds of sketches, conceptual photos and makeup tests were completed so that the filmmakers could keep a consistent and interesting look on their meager budget. The planning paid off.

The movie was brought to Anthem by writer-producer Bill Cunningham (Scarecrow, .Com For Murder and the upcoming Gore Gore Gore-met ) when the director sent him a copy for his advice. “I watched the movie from beginning to end without having to fast forward, which is a testament to the story’s punch. I called Christopher right away and asked if the film had distribution and if he was represented by anyone. I wanted to be that guy. From there I took it around to my colleagues in the industry and Chuck really responded to what I did – the film’s pulpiness.”

Plans for the March 2007 DVD include: the feature, trailers, a DVD commentary track with the filmmakers, a behind-the-scenes feature and a gallery of stills and artwork.

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Grubber said...

I watched the trailer when you put the link up a few months ago. It was very good for the size of the production(even better than some with much bigger production budgets I thought).

Best of luck for both of you when it hits the shelves!

Cunningham said...

I'll let you know when it's sold to Oz.

How's the script coming?

wcdixon said...

Well done.

Cunningham said...

I like finding and breaking a new talent like Chris's...he's going to go far.

Grubber said...

The script is going well, I just want to up the body count to a round million... :)

Nah,just coming near the finish and as I learn more am seeing ways to improve it so it does not have all those early scriptwriting cliches and problems. Well, there will be lots I'm sure, but trying to minimise them with my limited skillset and knowledge. :)

As I've said, I love this process, building a story from scratch.