Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year...

I've been futzing around the blog and the pad today, getting things done in dribs and drabs in between going to the fresh market for groceries and coffee, finishing Stephen King's CELL and getting the laundry together. It's the kind of day that makes you wish for a girlfriend to hang out in bed with and read the paper while having breakfast.

I was going to review 2006, but that would be looking backward, and at this point in my life I should be keeping my eyes toward the future. Suffice it to say, I learned long ago that if I was to break into this business and succeed - I would need to do the "breaking." 2006 was the year I went and got a bigger hammer....

2007, I start swinging.

You will notice the new look, and several new links grouped together: Industry, Writer resources, spec monkeys, digital cinema, comics, pulp , new media, etc....check them out and use them. There will be more changes to come as several links will be added to make the site become your "number one pulp filmmaking resource."

Have fun tonight, don't blow any vitals off or out with the fireworks, and don't do stupid drunken things that put a black mark on your 2007.
See you in the new year.


Grubber said...

Happy New Year Bill. It is already 2007 here and the waters fine.

Arctic Goddess said...

Best wishes and a hope for a wonderful 2007.

Arctic Goddess

ME said...

Happy new year, sweetie. I hope you take no prisoners in 2007, in work and in life.

I had a strange and kind of dangerous new year's eve that brought elements of past and future together in a way that makes me a little nervous about 2007. But I'm rolling with it.

Aric Blue said...

Site's lookin' good! Have a good new year!

Shaun said...

I hope you have an excellent 2007.

Anonymous said...

2006 was a great year...we live to die another day!
2-007 is here!! What's your mission Bill. Go B