Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Morning Grab Bag

- To those of you who participated in my impromptu focus group, thanks! You confirmed what I was telling my cohorts in crime. If a pic is worth a thousand words then it should say something.

- For those of you with a Hollywood Video near their house I would advise you to scoot over and participate in their " 3 For $25" - "4 for $20" or "10 for $10" DVD and VHS deals. I'm going to post this week or next about the flicks you need to stay away from and the ones you need to seek out and devour. Let me kick it off by saying that you need to see BRICK if you haven't already. End of discussion.

- In other news, Arctic Goddess (Patricia) sent this to me in the last post :

This may sound a tad strange, but, in all honesty, from someone who obviously knows their stuff, can you tell me what is the attraction of comics or cartoons to the adult mind? Is it something to do with the protagonist's maliability by the writer/artist? I have three boys who continue to be interested in the genre as adults when I gave that stuff up when I was 12. I simply don't get it. Please don't say, "Well then I'm not going to tell you". I am trying to understand what the attraction is to this style of entertainment. And, while we are at it, what about Japanese anime? To me, that's like watching a badly dubbed Asian movie. But that is just my opinion. Thanks
Roger RmJet has already replied to this but let me add my two cents. What I like about cartoons and comics is that you can tell any story with them. Any story. I think that you are confusing the two terms genre and medium (or format).
Comics and cartoons aren't just about humor or superheroes. They are about anything you want - horror, scifi, romance, adventure, drama, crime & mystery, etc... just because they are told using the medium of comics or animation is a side issue.
Comics and cartoons aren't just for kids.
Because your sons watch cartoons or read comics doesn't make them limited in terms of appreciating a story or its content or quality. There are now lots and lots of comics and cartoons for "kids" our age. Does that mean I don't get a kick every now and then when I see JUSTICE LEAGUE, VENTURE BROS., MUCHA LUCHA!, THE BATMAN, SHAOLIN SHOWDOWN?
No - but now I appreciate it in far different ways than from when I was a child. I admire the pop culture references, the design, the crisp storytelling, the animation, the humor, the drama (and just about any other emotional response you can dredge up in the canon).
So, it's cool that you want to find out what makes your sons tick. Admirable and responsible.
(Applause, applause!) I would advise you - if you want to take this further - to go down to your local comic book shop or news stand and ask for some help finding a comic or two that would picque your interest. They even have STARGATE comics...
I am sure my readers will be able to recommend something for you.
Japanese anime and manga - yes, they are linked, one being the outgrowth of the other - I shall save for another post.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your input and the other gentleman's opinion. I suppose some of my interpretation of comics is my 1960's era parents lecturing me that comics were not literature. Yes, I've seen the Stargate comics at Stargate conventions. I find it hard to plunk money down for one since in the back of my mind that is about as appropriate for a woman my age as going to a strip club. Mothers certainly continue to haunt us, no matter how old we get, God love them. Perhaps now, with shaking hand and furtive glance, I may actually pick up a Stargate comic and purchase it the next time I'm at a convention.
What about television cartoons, that now seem to be on all the time. They don't seem to be just for Saturday mornings anymore. My boys will watch those for hours as well. Does the attraction to t.v. cartoons have something to do with the Super Mario Brothers video games from Nintendo that they played with as youngsters and their continuing fascination with video and other computer games?