Tuesday, January 16, 2007

4 and Counting...

For those of you who have to have them, you can get the first four episodes of this season's 24 here for a mere $11.00. Also available on Netflix.

This is in stores today, near day-and-date of the broadcast. This way studios are using television to spur DVD sales, and using small packages of discs to keep the franchise alive on the retailer shelves.

I'm thinking of calling these "bump" discs because they bump up the DVD sales. If they release 6 sets at $11 each = $66.00 which is about $10.00 more than a complete set would cost.

Fox is also running a deal on the older seasons sets where you can get those for only $25.00 each.


Unknown said...

Similar to what the BBC have been doing with Doctor Who and Robin Hood - air 3-4 episodes, release them on a vanilla DVD while the show is still running, repeat until the end of the season, and then do a full collection with extras later.

Roger Alford said...

Bill, completely off topic, but I wanted to make sure you saw these:

- Robert Rodriguez and the SXSW Film Festival are hosting a contest where fimmakers can submit their own "Grindhouse Trailers" just like the fake trailers that will be shown in the film. Deadline is Feb. 12: http://2007.sxsw.com/film/

- Also, Dark Horizons has a description of Rob Zombie's fake trailer, "Werewolf Women of the SS," which sounds like absolute grindhouse perfection: http://www.darkhorizons.com/news07/070115g.php

Cunningham said...

I did see these, but thanks for sending it my way.

If I had the time I would participate and...